You’ve got a vision for an elevated life.

One where you don’t just “achieve” more - but where you express more of who you truly are with the world.

Where you create meaningful impact, step into a new level of leadership and answer your true calling.

Lotus Sky

Hi, I am Lotus Sky.

I’m a musical channel, personal development pioneer, and shamanic teacher of illuminated leadership and personal liberation.

With over a decade of experience, my work fuses personal development, music, and modern spirituality to support truth-seekers in creating lives of impact, freedom, and true fulfillment.

But my journey started on a completely different path - one that might be similar to where you are right now…

I was on my way to medical school and racking up achievements. I was married, but deeply unhappy. I became successful in my career but felt unfulfilled.

Behind what appeared to be a very successful life, I was struggling with feeling unworthy and unlovable, hiding my sexuality, and playing the part I thought I was supposed to.

I had abandoned myself in order to “win” at a life that I didn’t even want.

My journey wasn’t exactly linear, but over time I began to uncover and express my truth. I invested heavily in my self development journey, certifications, and trainings.

Instead of being trapped in my mind and ego, I learned to channel a powerful life through my connection to Spirit and understand that I am the Source of all of my reality.

Today I’m confidently living in full expression of my highest calling - creating music, loving fiercely, doing work that fulfills me, and building a legacy of true impact - in complete connection to my Guides.

I didn’t just have a vision for the life of freedom and expression I have now - I had a compass and framework to navigate life with ease and grace.

And now I’m passing that compass to you.

I made it my mission to inspire others to discover their own connectedness to life and to claim their unique genius with the world as they walk their own sacred way.

Earth Warrior school is the most potent distillation of my 10 years of spiritual, personal development, shamanic and psychological training.

It combines the most powerful aspects of everything I’ve studied and embodied to help you experience your own personal soul evolution and walk on your highest path.

Not in 5+ years... but in the next 5 months.

Inside Earth Warrior school, you’ll dive deep into learning and integrating my signature framework...

The Six Dimensions of Spiritual Self-Mastery

6 Dimensions

The unique spiritual technology of the 6 Dimensions combines the most potent shamanic and transformational modalities and grounds them in practical application -

So you - the modern changemaker - can practice these principles to experience real-world, tangible changes in every area of your life.

Your personal liberation and your leadership are accessed through your heart space. Walking The Beauty Way is the path to living with heart-centeredness as you discover who you truly are.

You’ll be a perfect match for Earth Warrior school if you are:

  • An action-taker who wants to go beyond just “learning” about spiritual self-mastery - you’re ready to practice and apply it

  • Ready to connect to Source so you can do the work and create the mission that you are truly meant to in the world

  • Deeply committed to living a life of grace and ease while creating a positive impact on others and the world

  • Interested in or are already delving in the areas of spirituality, mysticism, and transformation

  • Willing to do the work called from you even if it feels new, uncharted

, or a bit uncomfortable

This program won’t be the best fit for you if you are:

  • More interested in gathering information about spiritual self-mastery than taking action on it

  • Unwilling to go deep into personal reflection to uncover and shift self-limitations

  • Experiencing or working through significant trauma that inhibits your ability to function in everyday life and would be better addressed with a different type of support

  • Not ready to trust the process and do work on yourself that might feel new or challenging

  • Committed to a “lone-wolf” mentality and think you’d be better off going on the journey by yourself